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  • Life Before Death

    “Life Before Death” A Stunning Portrait Exhibit on Death and the Last Days of Life My breath was stolen when I looked at the photos of the Life Before Death photography exhibition. Not because of the creep factor, but because of the deep, unflinching look into what it means to be human. Wordless and transient, ‘Life Before […]

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  • No Death in Ancient Egypt

    Silly Wabbit, I’m Just Westing   How can a culture so focused on life after death, have no actual word for death in their language? Such is the case with the ancient Egyptians. The concept of death as we know it did not exist. When one left one’s body, the spirit transitioned to the afterlife […]

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  • 42,000 Year Old Ritual

    Cremation: An Ancient Practice Known only as Mungo Man, an individual who walked the earth some 42,000 years ago provides us with what is believed to be the earliest example of cremation in human history. He’s established a lively debate, since it is generally agreed by most scholars that cremation began about 3000 BC, during […]

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  • Fire Sets the Soul Free

    Fire Sets the Soul Free Funerals in Bali One of the most spectacular and moving events I have ever seen was a Balinese cremation. While visually dramatic, I was most deeply struck by the highly complex, detailed and loving preparation and care that is given to the dead. The other aspect of Balinese life that made a profound […]

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  • Proof of Heaven

    A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife by Eben Alexander, MD It has always puzzled me as to why it is largely assumed that death means ‘lights out’. My Mother called it the ‘Dirt-Nap’, which I think may have some mobster origins even though she did not. My father was an M.D. so that may explain why […]

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  • Sky Burial

      Sky Burial Where Else to Release the Spirit? In a culture where we idealize and even worship our physical selves, it may seem a sacrilege to offer up a body to a flock of vultures. To Tibetan Buddhists, our physical bodies are simply vessels for the spirit. Offering the remains to these birds, which are regarded […]

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  • To Scatter or Not to Scatter?

    That is the question for your loved ones. There is a wonderful romance about having your cremated remains scattered at your favorite place in the world. Some of my favorite stories about scattering include those who travel the world with the ashes of their loved one, spreading portions in special places to honor them and their adventurous spirit. […]

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  • Memorial & Funeral Options for Cremation

    “A good funeral is one that gets the dead where they need to go, and the living where they need to be.” – Thomas Lynch Memorial ceremonies are only as limited as your imagination today; there are no rules here. Cremation allows you an endless number of ways to express yourself or the essence of […]

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  • National Art Exhibit!

    Urns By Artists

    National Art Exhibit! Urns By Artists is applying for funding for a national art competition for cremation urns.Our intention is to offer artists opportunities to expand the reach of their designs and produce them on a larger scale. We also hope that this sort of event will help make an often difficult topic easier and […]

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  • Lifelike Poses for the Dead

        Extreme Embalming Really Nothing New I have to admit, I was a bit shocked when I saw the ABC News article on the recent funeral trend; posing the deceased in a vignette of their life. I tried to imagine what it would be like, walking into a funeral parlor and seeing my friend or loved […]

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  • Death Cafe & Art

    A Forum at Traverse City’s Art & Design Studio Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Death Café with poetry and art? That’s a question Julie DiFranco asked after she and Nancy Gallagher held their fourth Death Café here in the Traverse City, Michigan area. Julie and Nancy are both nurses serving hospice patients. They […]

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