Calling all Artists

Urns by Artists Seeks Artists to Create Art for A Life Well Lived

Urns by Artists is currently seeking professional artists to provide original, one of a kind custom  pieces for our Limited Edition category. We are also seeking Artist Studios to work with to establish duplicatable designs in any medium or regional specialty. Pieces must be in keeping with  Urns by Artists’ standards of quality and design which our clients rely upon.

The designs may be of any material, or combination of wood, bamboo, ceramic, glass, stone, metal or paper. They may be for human or pet remains, and they may cover a wide price range to serve a variety of clientele and needs. The volume capacity required for human remains is a minimum of 200 cubic inches.  Smaller keepsake urns may be taken into consideration for partial remains or for pets.

Requirements for Artists Submissions

All Artist’s works are juried by qualified jurors and may be submitted to Urns by Artists by color photograph, digitally by email, or by CD for high resolution photographs.  You may be requested to submit an original piece for review.  Professional photographs are required or a $100 fee to Urns by Artists to cover the costs if you are unable to provide suitable photographs.  Urns by Artists offers standard commissions on one of a kind pieces, or will work with artists to arrive at an appropriate wholesale/retail prices.

All accepted pieces will be displayed and marketed on this website. Urns by Artists assumes responsibility for marketing and display.  Artists will be responsible for shipping pieces not currently in Urns by Artists’ possesion. An artists’ agreement will be sent upon acceptance.

Please provide the following information:

  • Your artist’s statement and resume
  • Your contact information, including email, phone, physical address
  • Any particular requirements you have regarding a customer’s request for a custom piece
  • Any particular requirements you may wish to have incorporated into our Artists’ agreement

Please provide the following for each piece:

  • Specific materials, species of wood, types of stone or clay, method of ceramic firing, etc.
  • Information or inspiration that was instrumental in the creation of a piece
  • Professional high resolution photographs with medium value gray background. If unable to provide Vessel with acceptable photographs, you will be required to submit the work to Vessel for photographing and will require a $100 fee plus shipping.
  • Your anticipated wholesale and retail cost
  • Dimensions of each piece
  • Volume capacity of each piece in cubic inches
    • One cubic inch of volume accommodates approximately one pound of body weight. One ounce is equal to 1.8 cubic inches. (You may wish to use rice, sugar or water fill and calculate this; 1 cup = 8 ounces).The CANA (Cremation Association of North America) industry standard for capacity is 200 cubic inches. Urns less than this are considered keepsake pieces and cannot accommodate an individual’s entire remains. Artists pieces without capacity specified cannot be accepted.

Artists Submissions may be sent to:




Shipping and Mailing Address:
Urns by Artists
3807 East Bodus Road
Cedar, Michigan 49621

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