Custom Etched Glass Urn
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Etched Glass Urns


Product Description

Hand Etched Glass Urns are Fully Custom Pieces

These beautiful one of a kind art glass cremation urns are fully customizable to your wishes, your passions and your beliefs.  Your inscription, passage, poem or quote is included according to your specifications and features a landscape or wildlife scene of your choice. The landscape scene of your choice is continuous all around the urn.

The etched design and inscriptions are made to order as you wish. Each etched glass urn is created entirely by hand. The artist includes his original design and sand blasted etching on each side of the vessel, as well as the top. The cremation urn is made of black opaque glass (you cannot see through it).  You have your choice of mountain, wetland, forest or lakeside background scenes. You also have your choice of animals including birds, fishing, flowers, nature scenes, horses, dogs (breed specific), or other features  such as golfing, motorcycles, cars, or logos as allowed by copyright laws. Engravings such as scripture, poetry, or quotes can also be used.  Jim can portray other scenes and subjects as well, After the artist etches the panels, he assembles them using stained glass copper foil and soldering techniques.

Volume of the vessel is 325 cubic inches and is suitable for an adult up to 325lbs.  Larger or smaller vessels can be custom made upon request, including matching keepsake urns to distribute to friends and family.
Please contact Gallery Vessel at 231-715-1553 to discuss your specific needs.