Mariner Vessel
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Mariner Vessel Urn


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Award-Winning Design

An international award-winning design, the Messenger Urn series received the Red Dot Product award in 2011. The urn is made of biodegradable paper and is designed for water burials. The vessel allows families and loved ones to create a meaningful and participatory ceremony. Messages and personal notes are placed into the urn with the remains prior to placing casting it off to sea for a beautiful and meaningful tribute. Twenty handmade paper notecards are included with each urn.

The urn made in the US and is crafted by hand on antique molds from non-toxic, recycled food-grade paper, and is hand painted using environmentally friendly milk paints. The Mariner Vessel is designed to float briefly before sinking, and dissolves naturally over time. It is packaged in a recyclable box for discreet and convenient transportation.

15” x 10” w x 5.5” h,  274 cubic inches
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Choose white, coral or blue.