R-5 Keepsake Urn
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Midsize Round Metal Urn, R-5


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Product Description

The Midsize Round Metal Urn is a classic modern design, suitable as a  keepsake or as a child’s cremation urn.  As with all Capsule Urns, the Midsize Round Metal Urns are beauifully made with precision computer numerical control (CNC) machined aluminum. Unique personalization options are available, including laser engraving and custom finishes. This urn is harmonious with our full size Round Metal Urn, the R-5050 as well as 2  keepsakes; our Small Round Keepsakes and our Mini Round Keepsake.

Finish Options: The Midsize Round Urn is available in Anodized Clear Aluminum with Gray top, as shown.Please contact us for customization of your Capsule urn. If you do not see the finish here you have in mind, please call 231-715-1553 and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

Size: The Midsize Urn is 7” in diameter x 4.85” high  and has a 105 cubic inch capacity, and is suitable for remains of up to 105lbs body weight.

Shipping: Standard UPS ground shipping & handling to the contiguous United States is included in the price.

Availability: Up to 2-4 weeks. Please call 231-715-1553 for in-stock items.