Turned Burl Red Wood Urn
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Red Oak Burl Keepsake Urn


Gallery Vessel, mentioned in this video, has been incorporated by Urns By Artists.

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Product Description

All of our turned wood urns are unique, just as this Red Oak Burl

Truly a piece of art, this Collectors Edition Red Oak Burl turned wood urn is one of the most intricate and complex designs we offer. This urn is of the highest craftsmanship inturned wood and it is completely unique. This urn is suitable as a keepsake for partial remains.

Our artisans create urns that bring out the character of the wood in its best form and in a way that enhances the unique grain. Each piece of wood is selected for the distinctive form, grain patterns and colors. A wide variety of woods are used, many of which have been reclaimed. Much of this wood normally would go to the chipper or to a landfill, but our studio distributes the shavings to local gardeners for mulch, and other scrap wood is used to heat the studio.

Wood Species
Typical species used, but not limited to, are Box Elder, Oak Burl, Ambrosia Maple, Cherry, and American Black Walnut. If you have a favorite wood you would like as an urn, just let us know and we most likely have it in inventory or can make it specially for you. One of a kind. Clear Lacquer Finish.
5.25”wide x 7”high, 43 cubic inch capacity.
This urn is suitable for the parietal remains, or for a pet of up to 43 lbs.
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