Limited Edition Sanderson Urn
Sanderson UrnLimited Edition Sanderson Urn

Sanderson Urn


Gallery Vessel, mentioned in this video, has been incorporated by Urns By Artists.

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Urns by this artist may be available for commission. Please call 231-715-1553 or email hello@urnsbyartists to inquire.

This Raku fired urn is a stately piece. The smoky markings leave a mysterious and ethereal impression and the base gives not only a elegant proportion but a sense of importance and reverence that is truly unique. The lid is ornamented with twigs, wrapped with waxed twine.

Ivory base with greys and browns. One of a Kind.
Width: 8.6″ x Height: 11″, 194 cubic inches
Similar Saggar -fired pieces may be commissioned by our artists and created especially for you. Please inquire at: or call 213-715-1553.