Soft Aqua Tea Light Urn

Soft Aqua Tea Light Urn


Product Description

Tea Light Shines on Radiantly

Our Aqua Tea Light Keepsake Urn shines on with a small candle, a tea light, held inside the lantern, creating a wonderful tribute. The inner portion of lantern lifts off to reveal a special closure lid with tabs that lock the remains inside. The double lantern is constructed so that you can align the inner and outer window panes or stagger them for a variety of lighting effects.

Tea Light Urn Craftsmanship
Our Tea Light Urns are hand crafted with tremendous care and skill. The artist has included decorative features around the neck of the lantern and on the lid. This Tea Light Urn is also available in Earth Tone and Blue glazes. One of a Kind Urns.

The pale aqua and neutral sand tones in this glaze range from milky opaque to transparent with the golden clay body showing through the glaze. Similar Soft Aqua Tea Light Urns will have variations in the glaze coloring and the capacity, both qualities that make a hand crafted urn very special. Be sure to confirm capacity of your urn at time of order!

7.75″ high x 5.5″ diameter. 40 cubic inch capacity.
This urn is suitable as a keepsake for the partial remains of an adult, or as a pet urn. One cubic inch, is approximately equal to one pound. Standard ground shipping to the contiguous United States and Handling costs are included in our prices.