Limited Edition Wood Fired Urn
Limited Edition Wood Fired UrnLimited Edition Wood Fired UrnLimited Edition Wood Fired Urnjeff

3 Color Wood Fired Urn

Product Description

jeffThis urn is dedicated to the life and memory of our dear friend, Jeff Shaw. No words can describe how much he is missed and the joy he brought to so many. Since adolescence, we shared countless adventures. The last decades of Jeff’s life were riddled with struggle and pain though we never heard a complaint. Every time we left Jeff’s side, our perspective on our own lives changed. You will always be missed, Jeff, and so very much loved, Anne & John



Our Three Colored Urn is no longer available. John Rabideau, the ceramic artist, will be loading a wood fire kiln in the near future. Please check in for new pieces. You can also commission John to create an urn especially for you or a loved one.

Overlays of glaze and the ‘tori’ style handle give this piece a regal presence. Simple yet distinguished, this stoneware urn honors life in a stately way. Cherry wood and ash from orchards surrounding the artist’s home, create spontaneous and earthy effects. Wood kiln firing is a 3-day process that requires constant monitoring. It produces wonderful yet unpredictable effects from the wood ash. Some areas of the pots are glazed, while other areas remain unglazed and the wood ash gives it’s own organic design.