Wild Nature Keepsake
Wild Nature Keepsake LidWild Nature Keepsake Urn

Wild Nature Keepsake Urn


Urns By Artists has incorporated Gallery Vessel mentioned in this video.

Product Description

Wild Nature is a delightful piece, refreshing, unique and spirited. The finish is light and airy contrasted by the rich texture of the winged maple handle. Spanish moss creates the organic patterns that occur during the Saggar firing. The handle is secured with decorative beads under the lid. This fine burnished porcelain vessel was made by hand on the potter’s wheel and was fired in an outdoors gas kiln. The Saggar fire method produces an earthy and yet ethereal finish. The unglazed pot is wrapped carefully with organic materials, ropes, wire and minerals and then packed in a chamber within the gas kiln. During the firing, the organic materials burn away, and the flame marks, vapor flashes and mineral fumes create a beautiful array of smoky soft colors. Wild Nature is a petite piece suitable as a memento, keepsake or for a pet up to 43lbs.

Beautiful array of smoky soft colors. One of a kind.

6″ diameter x 5″ high, 43 cubic inch capacity